Loosely Connected Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Aelars Log 20110519

We’ve been in the Feywild longer than we anticipated – we only came here to subdue some ferocious wild beasts that were leaking into our plane, but now that’s over with, I’ve taken a liking to this strange land, with its rich hues, exotic plants and interesting natives, who seem to enjoy wondering around without much in the way of clothes, and seem endlessly fascinated with us ‘mortals’.

Katsa is up to her usual tricks, hitting on absolutely anything with legs and a skirt. Meryell, the Eladrin Lord’s maid seems to have be taking the brunt of it at the moment, but she seems to be quite immune to mortal charms.

We’ve offered our services here, so we can stay here a little longer, and have been sent on escort duty, to make sure Tiandra, Queen of the Summer Fey, safely rendezvouses with the other Fey factions so that they can sort out some issues they’ve been recently having. Not to sound pessimistic, but I’m expecting some trouble, but we’ll see…



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