Loosely Connected Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Boraxis Defeated

You're heroes of Fallcrest!

You headed to Gardbury downs towards Gardmore Abbey to try to rescue Lord Markelhay. On the downs, you passed a half elf historian named Sirin Whitecloud, from Talar in the Elsir Vale, who was looking for his sister, Narbela. Hw told you how the downs was the site of the last battle of the forces of Fallcrest against the Bloodspear Orcs, 90 years ago. It was rumoured that the previous Lord Markelhay fled from the battle into the ruins carrying his magic sword, Moonbane.

At the ruins you found a band of orcs defending the entrance, that you swiftly dispatched, although sadly Aeler’s horse was killed the in the attempt. Aeler got his revenge by holding the offending orc over a brazier!

Under the ruins, you found a wounded young iron dragon called Lestrion, who had been captured and assaulted. He was very sceptical you were allies but you finally mananged to convince him. You released him and he showed you a secret door.

You then entered a chamber where you found the old (dead) Lord Markelhay who has risen as a death knight. You saw he carried a beautiful glowing sword – it must be Moonbane. Along with his undead cronies, he fought you, but was no match for your heroic abilities. You took moonbane for your prize.

Finally you came to the lair of the scheming dragon Boraxis. He had Markelhay chained up. The forocious dragon tried to eliminate you with his poison breath weapon and his sharp claws, but couldn’t withstand your barrage of attacks and fell. You slew a full dragon and claimed his huge loot pile!

Lord Warden Markelhay thanks you and on return to Fallcrest you are all awarded with the title “Defender of Fallcrest” and are given a medal. You are then told how Fallcrest is much safer place, and your skills are needed more in Nenlast, and are asked to travel there to help.



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