Loosely Connected Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Katsa's Diary

Day 1

This is our 2nd night in this godforsaken town. I’m not used to sleeping on this boat, the constant movement makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve decided to take my mind off it by writing a journal. It will either chart my success in becoming rich, or more than likely my inevitable demise thanks to my current travelling ‘companions’.

What can I say about them. They serve their purpose. The dwarf is ok. She has saved my ass on a few occasions now and takes my mild mocking with good grace. I like her really. We could become friends – her ass is bigger than mine – and that’s a good start! The dragonborn is still as grumpy as ever. Sehanine! He constantly thwarts my attempts to make a little extra gold on the side. I may have to do something about that. The half-elf, Aeler, what can I write? Well, delusions of grandeur aside, he’s fun. Maybe it’s because we share a half-a-kin, who knows? I do know we’ve shared more than a half of a few flagons of wine and it’s made being in this party more bearable. But if I hear one more blasted story about his ‘ship’ I will not be held accountable for my actions!

What more to say? I miss our wizard. The battles have become arduous, and I’m coming out of fights with more scrapes and cuts than ever. We’ve even had to resort to bringing “Samm the Incompetent”..no.. that’s not right…“Samm the Inept”? “Samm the Annoying”? “The fool?”… “the Imbecile”?.. anyway, he’s oafish and brash, and thinks more with his cock than his head. Still, I can hardly blame him. He’s been doing the girl we helped saved when we first arrived in Nenlast, Marillion, though her parents aren’t best pleased about it. I don’t know what it’s like to have parents, so I can’t see what all the fuss is about…

We picked up another young lad, Roger. The dwarf and Aeler dragged him half-dead out of a sinkhole in the basement of the tavern we are moored near. He wants to travel with us to the Temple of the Vigilant Hand of Bahamut. I have my suspicions that all won’t be well when we arrive, trouble always seems to follow us where ever we go. He’s been resting a lot since his ordeal, i may have to talk to him more when he is better able, though he has my respect for surviving an ‘encounter’ with a succubi, not many men do.

Anyway, i might go out on the deck for some fresh air. The moonlight’s reflection on the lake waters calm me and my cursed stomach, and I can feel the goddess Sehanine gazing down on me. We have a lot to do and a lot to decide tomorrow. The others want to help the hapless folk on the hill before setting off. Personally I feel like we’ve helped them more than enough already. Roger wants to go to the temple, but that might make the trail on the Sherrif “donut” go cold. We finally have a lead! Fastormel! I can’t wait to find “donut”. I never trusted him. As the saying goes, a rogue always knows a rogue. After that little stunt he pulled that almost got me killed, I want to repay him in kind. With INTEREST!!

My only hope is that whatever is waiting in that ‘haunted’ place, hasn’t already beaten me to it…


“trouble always seems to follow us where ever we go”

lol funny that

Katsa's Diary

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