Loosely Connected Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Katsa's Diary

Day 2

So we finally set sail and left the shores and Lolly’s Dock behind. I managed to get some sleep last night but felt the renewed vigour as soon as we left port and I could feel the wind in my hair. Seems like I got my wish – we were off to Fastormel and that traitor “Donut”. If the others had known of my plans perhaps they would try and stop me, but i would not reveal my hand until the deed was done…

We arrived at the south shore, everyone’s moods dipped when we saw Fastormel on the horizon. Mist shrouded the tower, just like we were told. I wondered what was causing it? It looked un-natural, almost magic. We were dropped off by the Dwarf Woman. She has taken Roger as a cabin boy. He seems eager to help her and seems glad of the work. We asked her not to go too far as we would need her later. As her brother was with us, she agreed.

The city was grim. Undead roamed the streets, aimless, lifeless. It gave me the creeps. We tried the south entrance, and fought our way in. The skeletons we faced, although numerous are destroyed fast. The city streets were like a warren. Although we could see the tower, it proved problematic getting there, and the undead concentration increased as we fought our way in. We got turned around something rotten as they poured out of darkened doorways and out of alleyways, their numbers swelling all the time. Then the worst thing happened, Sehanine! I cursed my luck, one of them scratched me. It wasn’t a problem – I’ve had worse before – or so it seemed…

Suddenly when we seemed surrounded, a hooded figure beckoned us, and we ran for his doorway. He let us inside and shut the door behind us. He introduced himself as some minor lord – his aspirations and opinion of himself seem to outstrip his station. As my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I could make out a room that used to be quite opulent, but had long since fell into decay. This bit-part ‘lord’ seemed oblivious to this though… I goad our rescuer in my typical facetious fashion to gauge him as a threat. He postured and bolstered quite a bit but seemed harmless. He told us the tale of Fastormel, how it used to be and how it came to be. As he spoke I started to feel strange, the scratch throbbed and I started to feel sick – I wished he would just shut up and get to the point… He told us about the lord of Fastormel, “Ramming Ass”. How he despised him and wanted his sceptre. We agreeed, but little did he know that he would not be seeing it or us ever again!

Using his directions we found our way to the Tower. I threw up several times on the way. The nausea passed, and I felt ok, but its sweet that my companions showed me such concern. Maybe we are more than mere ‘acquaintances’ after all? I’ll try and remember this the next time I think of abandoning them in battle – ha! When we got closer to the tower, we could see that was less of a fog shroud and more of a bubble. We pressed through it and although the barrier was magic, beyond a slight tingle, it did us no harm. We found the entrance easily enough and pressed onwards and upwards…

Fighting our way up the tower, we found MY quarry. Donut. He was beaten, tortured and bruised and in a bad way, but it was no less than the traitor deserved. We questioned him, and he reveals his motives but it seemed he was just a pawn. But a pawn that almost got me killed nonetheless. He beged us to kill him and without hesitation i oblige – slitting his throat. The satisfaction is lessened greatly by a look of disproval from Aeler. I regretted my decision instantly…

We reached the top of the tower and its lord and master, “Ramming Ass”. Though there seemed to be a new lord and master here now, a young red dragon, who spat venom at us with every word. My anger got the better of me because of the nausea which had returned. I had enough and charged straight in. The rest followed and the following fight was gruelling. Surprisingly Ramming Ass posed little threat. The dragon less so. It tried to flee before we slew it. It stayed cocky and arrogant right to the very end – right before I brought it crashing to the ground by a well placed bolt from my crossbow. As it lay dying at our feet, it muttered a curse, promising our deaths.

The last thing it saw was my smug smile… even though i was now utterly sick to my stomach and feeling wretched. I told it that it would meet its end by my hand, but its arrogance got the better of it. Though lessons be learned, I must try and not fall foul of the same fate.

I picked up the sceptre, it looked like it might be worth something, but the others agree that it might be put to better use if we kept it. It mattered not, i never planned on returning it anyway, so we made our way back to the promised landing spot of the boat. But not before I left a little “thank you note” on the door of our ‘saviour’. I think we would have been very foolish to return the sceptre. Even through the sickness I couldn’t help but smile as I pinned the note to the door and rejoined my companions. “The dragonborn” cured me of my ailment and by the evening I felt much better. After a good night’s sleep it will be interesting to see what tomorrow holds. Now that Donut’s blood debt to me has been repaid, I shall be happy to follow my companions counsel about where we should head next.

Even moreso if i can make a little gold on the side! After my ordeal, I can already feel a little of the old Katsa returning! :)

Katsa x


haha that is awesome!

Katsa's Diary

incidentally I’m surprised that even though I was pretty drunk, I can remember all of the adventure and more amazingly my writing is legible! ;D

Katsa's Diary

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