Loosely Connected Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Trail of Anguish

Apprehend the wicked sheriff

The leader of the dragonborn explorers, Frugold Goblinbane, informs the heroes that the village of Nenlast is unsettled with the disappearance of the corrupt sheriff and the people of the village are calling for justice. Frugold recommends the player track down the sheriff to settle the matter. But there are no definite leads to where the sheriff has gone.

Asking around the village, the heroes uncover that Samm and his admirer, Merilian, were witnesses to the escape of the sheriff while canoodling in the hay in the barn. They saw the sheriff ride south with a bag of gems.

Following the road south, the heroes came across a couple of dock workers from Lorley’s Dock running north. They were pursued by a mounted dragonborn. As the players went to assist the dockworkers, a two headed ettin and some dryads appeared from the trees and attacked the heroes. Clearly an ambush, the heroes dispatched the aggressors and saved the dock workers, and gained one warhorse in the process (Primrose).

The dock workers told the heroes they were escaping from Lorley’s dock because it had been taken over by evil-doers. They also told the heroes that the village of Hill’s Edge had been tricked into hiring mercenaries for “protection” but they were actually being criminal and causing fear in Hill’s Edge. The dock workers ask the heroes to remedy the situation at Hill’s Edge.

The heroes headed south to Lorley’s Dock and spoke to some of the workers and traders there. A tiefling repair man called Marlo told them he has seen young men going in the tavern with a lady. Clerk Belling at the accounts office asked the heroes to remove the monsters lurking in the warehouse opposite.

The heroes moved onto the Lake Mist Tavern and dealt with some nasty pirates (Aeler’s direwolf ate one!). under pressure, the pirates revealed they work for a mysterious mistresses who came a couple of weeks ago and set up in the basement of the tavern. They found a pink lockbox and discovered it belonged to a upset girl called Dana Moonblossom who is a fish trader near the tavern. She was delighted to have it returned.

The heroes found a river boat, the Virgin’s Innocence, moored at Lorley’s Dock and met Mahana Battlestone, a dwarf lady, who captains the boat. She arrived at the docks the day before looking for her brother, Weyland, who usually runs the tavern but is now missing. She tells the heroes she will ferry them anywhere they need to go if they locate Weyland for her.

After having a rest on the boat, the party proceeded to the warehouse and eliminated a couple of minotaur henchmen and an orc who were working for the mistress. The heroes then entered the basement of the tavern and found a secret compartment containing a polished set of armour that would fit a dwarf.

In the next room, the party came across a surprise, the mistress organising the havoc in the area was Eliza Highbourne, the acid-tongued woman encountered before in Nenlast. She reveals her true form – a succubus! She also had Weyland Battlestone locked up behind bars. The heroes destroy her and her warlock-knight assistant, and the devils she summoned from the nine hells to assist her.

Weyland is grateful for being resuced and tells the players:
“I picked up on bits and pieces that bitch of a she-devil was saying. This is big. This is more than some extortion and protection racket in a few villages in this area. She talked about some grand plan a few times. I heard of references to Hammerfast, Highpeak, Nenlast and other small villages in this part of the Vale. Fastormel was mentioned a lot as well, which is strange as that place has been in ruins for decades. I suggest you get word to Markelhay in Fallcrest. I might even come with you. This area needs help.”

The players also find 2 notes on the table that was protected by arcane wards. They read:

We are grateful to you for accepting our offer of an alliance. As we discussed I’m sure you can see how the plan can be to both our benefit. Our associates will be delighted when fear and confusion have been seeded in the north-east of the Vale. Please do not disappoint us.

Your failings have come to our attention here at Fastormel. The sheriff you mentioned seems to be an idiotic fool and the tales of that band of adventurers sorely vexes us. We remember what they did to Boraxis. Dispose of them. Send the sheriff to us and we will motivate him. Deliver more gems with him, we need to recruit more followers if our kind’s treaty the B.O is to be a success.

There was a deep hole in the floor in the cellar. Going down it, the players found the naked bodies of many young men and boys who had been tricked and drained by the succubus. Across an underground river, they also found a wounded but living young man. After giving him medical attention and getting back over the subterainian river and up the hole, the boy awakes and identifies himself as Roger, who came to Lorley’s Dock looking for passage to the Temple of the Vigilant Hand of Bahamut. He asks the players to take him there.

Roger knows the Temple of the Vigilant Hand is on the south side of Lake Nen.

The heroes asked Weyland Battlestone if he knows anything of Fastormel, and he told them he thought it was haunted, and there is tower there permanently shrouded in mist.


Where is the brothel?

Trail of Anguish

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