A buxom rouge rogue with charm and wit as sharp as her mythical dagger!


When I hit things, things tend to die. If they resist. Then I’ll hit them again until they get the point.


Katsa grew up on the streets, surviving as best she could. As with most homeless urchins, she fell in with the wrong crowd and learned the art of Thievery. Small time stuff, Pick-pocketing and Shop-lifting. Her ambition soon grew and left the outfit of child thieves behind.

When she was 16 she set out on her own, not relying on anyone or anything, with a view of exploring the world.

Her newfound cavalier and haughty attitude almost got her killed. A job offer to steal a mythical dagger for a affluent shop keeper seemed simple enough. But the group of mystics guarding it proved to be more powerful then she could possibly imagine and taught her a valuable lesson to always be prepared and that she must always keep training. She never handed the dagger to its benefactor, keeping it for herself as a constant reminder and she still uses it to this day.

Plus it was a really _nice _dagger….


Loosely Connected Adventures in the Nentir Vale Katsa