Loosely Connected Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Aeler's Log

A New Hope

Its been a long journey, we’ve come along way, and have earned quite a reputation but lately I realise that all this time we’ve been fighting other people’s goblins and demons, when I should’ve been fighting my own. I’ve completely neglected the reason I arrived on these shores all those moons ago: Revenge…

I’ve recently fallen in with a cabal of warlocks, and one has offered to teach me the ways of the dark arts, for a price which I would gladly pay ten times over if it got me any closer to my goal. I’ve only mastered a single spell so far, but even to see results so soon looks promising, and I welcome more of Dvorak’s teachings, although its getting harder and harder making excuses to my fellow warriors about why I’m not joining them in the local tavern. All this sneaking around is making me paranoid, but I won’t tell them, at least not yet, as they wouldn’t understand…so full of righteousness and good intentions.

As soon as we come back from slaying the latest dragon that’s terrorising the realm, I will seek out my new teacher, and ask to start learning the ritual that would allow me to see the horrors of the last minute of a lifetime, as it could….

…agh, our dragonborn approaches, I’ll have to save my thoughts till later!



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