• Aeler


    Wealthy upperclass warlord, seeking a new destiny
  • Eladril Freyn

    Eladril Freyn

    Often appears distracted, or dreamy when not engaged. Green eyes. Hip length, slightly wavey, straight blonde hair. Quite short, with a slim build, but attractive and graceful. Quite 'girly' and likes to play the innocent if she can get away with it, but
  • Katsa


    A buxom rouge rogue with charm and wit as sharp as her mythical dagger!
  • Meriele


    Typical summer fey appearance - shoulder length hair the colour of autumn leaves, refined graceful features. Golden glowing eyes. Upright, self confident and regal bearing.
  • Munchkin


    Female Dwarf Cleric
  • Samm Daleborn

    Samm Daleborn

    Youngest son of councillor of Fallcrest